Danika Diediker

Client Stories

This Couple + That Mountain Top


We set out to do a couple’s session for Emily and Payton before he leaves for bootcamp on an unknown date sometime soon. Little did Emily know that he was going to be surprising her earlier that day with a promise ring, a promise that they would be together for the long haul no matter what this new phase in life throws their way. It just added to the magic of a couple’s session on a mountain top at sunset! 

These two have a sweet story together and I am excited to see where their future takes them! The evening was as perfect as it could be, as the sun was going down we had to hurry a little as it was towards the end of the session and we only had so much time but when they stood at the highest rock on the mountain, overlooking a valley of lakes and forest I was ready to just have them elope right then and there, it was breathtaking.


As a photographer, I feel so spoiled here with the incredible scenery in the Pacific Northwest (at least during spring, summer and fall), even being inland here in Spokane, Washington! What I love is that we get to choose from so many different types of locations all within an hour of driving.