Danika Diediker

Client Stories

Spokane Modern Family

A modern day mini brady bunch here in Spokane, Washington! Marla and Craig got together and each came into the relationship with their awesome, super talented kids.

Despite how freezing cold it was, this was a fun, easy going crew and super brave to book a photography session in the winter?!


Of course I had to tell the kids to look away and pull Marla and Craig aside because they were the two that brought them altogether and their connection was beautiful.


Growing up in a split home myself, I knew I needed to be sensitive to certain aspects and relationships before I understood their dynamics, but there was a light and happiness to them as a family and it was apparent that I had no need to think too much about any of that once we met.


Every kind of family has a story to tell, I hope you love theirs as much as I do!