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Fall mornings, lazy weeks, and crazy weeks.

This week has been such a welcomed break, I still had classes but had a free day off on Wednesday and a short day on Thursday. I actually feel caught up which is amazing, it's been a lot of work to keep up with my five classes this semester on top of pregnancy and my business! I'm so glad I am allowed that one cup of coffee a day.  

We did some deep cleaning this week, broke out the fall candles, and started our annual Fall Harry Potter movie marathon. It has been awesome. 

I don't even know who that dog is... he just appears in all of our photos...

I don't even know who that dog is... he just appears in all of our photos...

I'm in my 19th week of pregnancy, feeling great besides getting headaches, but other than that it's been pretty easy. Here's an update on my bump. Now look at Sherman, just look at him. Does he look demonic or does he look like the shutter from the camera is about to take his soul? I could not stop laughing when I saw this. 

It's kind of funny that I had some down time this week because a lot fell into my lap and onto my calendar for next week. Classes like usual, our 20 week Anatomy Scan Ultrasound (and see if we're having a little boy or a little girl?!), my first posed newborn session, and two interviews for jobs (in Photography) that came knocking on my door! I wasn't looking to take on anything extra but these both sound like really great opportunities that would probably work with my schedule. I am too excited about everything happening next week to be stressed just yet, I'm sure during the week it will all catch up to me. 

We've had storms and rain this week and being west-coasters we've been loving it and have been outside even more than usual. Stay posted, I'll be posting early in the coming week with our Anatomy Scan results! Any guesses? Leave me a comment below!