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Home with Lively

We made it home with Lively last Sunday after three sleepless days + nights in the hospital. We were so ready to bring her home and start our new life as a family, but it was surreal finally walking out of the hospital with her. Pregnancy felt like it was lasting forever, especially the last couple of weeks, which is probably how everyone feels. Once she arrived though, it seemed like I had found out I was pregnant, snapped my fingers, and all of a sudden she was here. It has been a weird adjustment getting used to not being pregnant anymore, at first it felt like there was a void and a part of me missing, especially if I wasn't touching or looking at Lively. It is amazing and intense what having a baby does to you mentally, spiritually, and physically! 

Right now Lively is very attached to me, just like I am to her, and if she is not nursing she wants to be curled up against my tummy. If she isn't doing one or the other of those things she is aaangry. I think if it were up to her I would still be pregnant with her! It has made it a challenge to try to do anything other than hold her, but it is forcing me to slow down and just enjoy this time, which is what I want to do anyways. I just have to get over the fact that I will be a little behind in my classes, but I am figuring out some mommy tricks to be able to feed/hold her while doing some work.

By day six, we had to get out of the house, so we made a trip to Hobby Lobby. This was her first outing (besides the Starbucks drive through a few times earlier in the week) and we bought supplies for her newborn photos (which I will post soon!). She did so great, and slept the entire time until we were about a mile from home when she woke up hangry. I think we got really lucky because we were gone for a few hours!

Lively's first outing at Hobby Lobby

Lively's first outing at Hobby Lobby

A lot of people have asked how the dogs are doing since we've brought her home, and they are doing so well with her! Since my mom was in town visiting while Lively was born, we had her bring one of the receiving blankets home from the hospital the day before we came home to let the dogs start to get used to the smell of the baby. Luckily we already knew they would be great with her because all of our friends have babies, and they have adjusted really well. Sherman, our male dog, is a cranky old man and lets out a big sigh while throwing his head down on his bed when Lively wakes us all up in the middle of the night, but that has been the worst of it. Sheba was very submissive to us when we first got home with Lively, as if she were telling us she knew she needed to be good and gentle around the baby. 

Paul is the best husband, and an even better daddy. He has always taken really good care of me, and through pregnancy, childbirth, and this first week of parenthood + healing from the birth he has been amazing as always. I cannot imagine going through all of this without each other's support. It has been just the most life altering week, more than we ever expected, and we love our sweet little baby and each other more than anything. 

Daddy cuddles. The loves of my life.  

Daddy cuddles. The loves of my life.  

I cannot wait to share our Hypnobabies birth story and Lively's newborn photos in the next week or two!