Danika Diediker

About Me


I’m Danika.

Mom. Wife. Friend. Adventurer. Empath. Photographer and Videographer.

I can usually be found trekkin around with my family- my bearded husband and our sweet little girls- always looking for new places to explore (and good food to eat!). We got used to getting to know as much about a new location as we could in a short amount of time while my husband was in the Navy and we moved all over the country every couple years, now that he is out, we are here in Spokane, Washington!

I guess you could say I’m outdoorsy- but not like “avid mountain climber” outdoorsy- more like leisurely paddle boarding, surfing and catching a wave here and there, doing a mild hike…you know what I mean? I just love to BE outdoors- but also I hate the cold so that can become a problem in the winter. I’m all about the ocean so it really makes sense that I don’t live anywhere near it.

I started craving chili lime flavored things when I was pregnant and it never went away. I fell in love with a film camera while I was in school for Graphic Design, and that love also never went away.


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