Danika Diediker

Behind the work


My experiences and my heart have led me to ditch the poses, lose the props that become dated and irrelevant very quickly, and to stop worrying about every strand of hair being perfect. In fact, a little wind, some movement in your hair, a flowy dress, and true emotion are the best combination!

...And truthfully, I don't like making your husband stand there with a painfully stiff smile, waiting to be done with it, or you stressing because your toddler won't look at the camera. I did all that when I started out. I thought it was all people wanted and it was just a part of the gig, and I quickly grew tired and bored with it, to the point I almost said photography isn't for me. The work I was doing wasn't really speaking to me.

But what I noticed was that when I was taking photographs of my own family, especially when my daughter was born, was that I did everything completely different, and I felt so strongly towards the lifestyle photos of my loved ones, because I could see life happening in my personal photos. I look at them and instantly remember what was making us laugh so hard, I can see the way my husband loves me by the way he is looking at me, and I get warm and fuzzy inside, that's what I want to have to look back on for the rest of my life. 

I finally came to the lightbulb moment that maybe not everyone wants the same as me, but there are so many who do and I can make it available to them! I would rather serve from my heart and be really good at what I do because I believe in it and it comes naturally to me, so, that is what I do. 

Here this is what I have to offer you. My sessions are laid back and fun, we will either go on a little adventure or be in the comfort of your own home. I will guide you through and look for your special moments, pay attention to your personality so I can capture who you are, and deliver much more than generic photos.

I want our session to be a memory of good times. Take a look through some of my work to see if it speaks to you, and if it does I would love to hear from you!